DISARRAY DAYS - A dejected man battles with a cruel universe while he inadvertently robs a store                              with an enigmatic hitchhiker.



A quirky short comedy about the complacency of marriage.

DISARRAY DAYS  - (Awards Winning Short Film) COMING SOON

A dejected man battles with a cruel universe while he inadvertently robs a store with an enigmatic hitchhiker.

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Independent film production company out of the tri-state area.

Script, pre-production, Production, Post-production.

Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi, Horror, Action. 

ADDLE STRIFE  - Two U.S. paratroopers, who are at odds with each other, decide to track down an injured German Soldier after a failed American ambush.

Our films have played and won in Festivals Nationally and internationally

SHEDA little boys is awaken by a thunderous boom from outside, he discovers there is a mysterious light on in the shed.

I DON'T NEED HER - (Funny or Die)

Thom is having a hard time after a breakup and Carl came to help!


​An unsuspecting hero emerges when Ronald and his older brother Charlie who has autism, experience the antagonistic trials of moving to a new town.

Independent Filmmaking

Best Shorts Competition - WINNER(Best Short Film).                          Monmouth Film FestivalWinner Audience Choice Award 

Hang on to Your Shorts Film Festival Winner Cinematography.            Brightside Short Festival Winner Cinematography

Los Angeles CineFest - Semi-Finalist                                                  Film Shortage Featured Short film!  

Normandie WWII International Film Festival (2017),                          Garden State Film Festival (2017), 

Long Island International Film Expo                                                  (2017) ​Silver Screen Film Festival (2017),

Grove Film Festival (2017),               Rahway International Film Festival (2017),        Featured Trailer - Film Shortage (2017)